Thursday, March 3, 2011

From Gentleman to King

Sunday, February 27, 2011: the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded the golden statuette for Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role to the fabulous Colin Firth.
I think he fully deserved it and earned it with a really nice, clean, professional and elegant interpretation of Bertie/Prince Albert, Duke of York/King George VI in "The King's Speech".

Colin gave one of the best acceptance speeches of this year's Academy Awards: 
"I have a feeling my career's just peaked. I'm afraid I have to warn you that I'm experiencing stirrings somewhere in the upper abdominals which are threatening to form themselves into dance moves, which joyous as they may be for me, they would be extremely problematic if they made it to my legs before I make it off stage.
And he concluded: "Now if you'll excuse me I have some impulses I have to tend to backstage."
Simple and funny!
He partied so hard that he forgot his award in a bathroom, but fortunately an attendant handed it back to him. 

I have a soft spot for Colin Firth since my mum introduced me to his wonderful role of Mr. Darcy in BBC's Pride & Prejudice (1995). And like this character, he has such gentlemanlike manners... 
I cannot but wish him to continue this flawless career in the best way possible!!!


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